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Exclusive TreadStat Software saves money over the long haul.
We developed easy-to-use TreadStat Software with one thing in mind.
Your profits. Every feature is designed to make all your transportation more efficient.
Especially trips to the bank.
TreadStat is the most advanced tire and rim management system.
Delivers unsurpassed inventory management for improved profits.
Improves safety.
Includes forecasting, bias vs. radial comparisons, track test tires, etc.
Technological innovation that lets us roll right over the competition.
There are over 1,500 Bridgestone/Firestone scientists and engineers worldwide whose
sole mission is to create new product innovations so that you get the best tires on earth.
Yes, we're on a roll. And you will be, too.
Worldwide, highly advanced tech centers create new innovations, new products.
Engineers work to improve operating efficiency, reduce costs, deliver the right tires.
Integrated Tire Solutions includes programs for job condition reports, tire matching, loader tire management, and more.
Advanced analysis tools to help improve our tires include weight studies, heat
studies, GPS & accelerometer real-time data, and tire tags that provide data from
within the tire while they're on the road.
Integrated Tire Solution's training program is our version of continuing education.
Our training is both for dealers and customers because everyone has to be on the same page
to get the most from your tires. Just consider it free training. And not just basic training.
Dealers learn not just how to sell tires, but how to service them, so everyone wins.
Dealers also learn specifics about tire usage, thus providing valuable information to customers.
Customers get valuable training in maximizing productivity, performance, compounding, etc.

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